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Please contact the practice to make an appointment:

Phone: 02 6884 5655 or 02 6884 5666


Fax: 02 6884 5678


What to Bring?

When you come to our practice, you will be asked to bring a number of things:

• Referral from another doctor, usually your GP.

• Details of medications you use.

• Any Ultrasounds, X-rays or scans.

• Any other medical reports you may have on your condition.


It is important to tell the practice about medication you take on a routine basis as these may affect your surgery.  For example:

• Arthritis medication.

• Oral contraceptives.

• Aspirin.

• Anti-coagulants or blood-thinning agents.

Worker’s Compensation Consultation

If your consultation is covered by Worker’s Compensation you will need to bring the relevant claim details with you.

• Employer details

• Claim number.

• Insurance company details.

• Case Manager.

Note:  If you do not bring this information to your appointment you will be asked to pay for your consultation.


Payments for Consultations

Our practice does not bulk bill.  This means you will be asked to make a payment at the time of your consultation.  Claims for Workers’ Compensation (if you bring the relevant information) or Veteran’s Affairs patients will be sent to the relevant body.

When you pay, we can electronically submit your rebate application to Medicare online or alternatively we can give you an itemised receipt, which you can claim from Medicare.

Please be aware that a gap exists between what you pay and what you get back from Medicare.  If you anticipate any problem with payment, please ensure you contact us before your consultation. 

Payments may be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Visa.  We do not accept American Express.

Waiting Times 

Dubbo Base Hospital

As a public training hospital, there is a waiting list for patients requiring surgery.  The waiting times vary for different operations.

If you require surgery, you will be given paperwork to complete, when this paperwork is received by the hospital you will go on to the waiting list.  The bookings office at the hospital will contact you on receiving the paperwork and then again when a date has been set for your procedure.  You need to contact the hospital two working days prior to your procedure on 6885 8751 to obtain admission times, pre operative instructions and fasting details.

You may be required to attend a Pre-Admission Clinic. You will be contacted by the hospital if this is necessary.

Please note, because of prioritised waiting lists, emergencies and shortage of beds, bookings can be subject to change at short notice, up to and including the day of surgery.


Dubbo Private Hospital

Patients who are covered by private health insurance or who have elected to pay for their treatment will be given a choice of admission dates. 

If you require surgery, you will be given paperwork to complete.  When this paperwork is received by the hospital, the bookings office at the hospital will contact you.  You need to contact the hospital one working day prior to your procedure on 68418800 to obtain admission times, pre operative instructions and fasting details.


Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for your Procedure

If you are having surgery / day procedure, remember the following:

• Have someone available to take you home, you will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours after having an anaesthetic.

• If you had surgery on an extremity (arm, hand, leg, knee, foot), keep that extremity elevated.  This will help decrease swelling and pain.

• Take your pain medicine as directed.  Begin the pain medicine as you start getting uncomfortable, but before you are in severe pain.  If you wait to take your pain medication until the pain is severe, you will have more difficulty controlling the pain.


Working with your Doctor

• Before surgery, discuss with your surgeon or GP any medications you are taking. You may be required to stop Aspirin , anti-inflammatory or any blood thinning medications, to minimise bleeding, prior to you surgery.

• If you are overweight, losing weight before surgery is recommended.  However, you should not diet during the month before your surgery.

• If you smoke, you should stop or cut down to reduce your surgery risks and improve your recovery.

• Eat a well-balanced diet.

• Report any infections, skin tears or sores prior to surgery. 


Home Planning

• Arrange for someone to help out with everyday tasks like cooking, shopping and laundry.

• Put items that you use often within easy reach before surgery so you won’t have to reach and bend as often.

• Remove all loose carpets and tape down electrical cords to avoid falls.

• Make sure you have a stable chair with a firm seat cushion, a firm back with two arm rests.

Please download & complete our patient information form and fax to: 02 68845678

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