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The most common type of surgery is called a colectomy. There are different types of colectomies depending on where the problem is located and how much bowel needs to be removed. Cancer is the most common cause for a colectomy needing to be performed. Inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis are other common causes.

In most cases the operation will be performed though a laparoscopically assisted or fully laparoscopic procedure, an open procedure may also be undertaken. A cut is made in the abdomen to find the part of the colon containing the cancer and remove it. Lymph nodes near the colon and some normal bowel around the cancer will also be removed. 

The two ends of the bowel are joined back together with stitches or staples. Sometimes the bowel isn't joined together but one end is brought through an opening made in the abdomen. This procedure is called a colostomy. The opening – called a stoma – allows faecal waste to be removed from the body. Later another operation may be done to rejoin the bowel. In some cases, this isn't possible and the stoma will be permanent.

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